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Color has 3 "properties":

  • HUE - color name (without getting techie) as in blue, violet, yellow, blue-green
  • VALUE / LUMINENCE - lightness / darkness
  • INTENSITY / SATURATION - the amount of a hue in a color mixture or brightness/dullness

    Grey Scale/Value scale

    This an example of all the properties and how they are related to the basic wheel and value scale. The whole color wheel is really a 3D shape. Each hue has an entire "wing" of value and saturation down to black as shown. Each also has the same "wing" up to white.

    The view above right shows all the possibilites of mixing white or black with any hue. These are "tints" if mixed with white and "shades" if mixed with black. All variations of value and hue.

    "Tones" are created by adding grey or the hue's compliment. To get Rust from Red Orange, you can add grey or - for a livelier Rust - add blue-green. To change only grey of same value as the hue. i.e., yellow demands a lighter grey than violet.


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